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Open Firefox, paste following URL and hit enter.
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Click “create your extension” button below it.
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Where add the Firefox addons book mark link code to your blog?
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How Firefox addons book mark link drives traffic?

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Where is the Firefox addons book mark shown in your blog?

The Firefox addons book mark link hidden at top of your blog when you open your blog. It will shown when you scroll down the page from starting page. It is asking to book mark your blog. If you book mark the blog. It is show a message daily with one of recent post. You can also allow Google chrome to book mark with this Firefox addons link.

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Crisis Ethical Leadership and Recovering Our Ethical Selves

Among those who have dedicated lives to leading businesses and those imagining a winning career in business, the past few years’ events are devastating and are most important challenges for the idea of a significant in business career. There is no doubt that bad and unethical behaviors of business leaders have crushed the principles about dignified functions of capitalism.
The number of good leaders set clear their basic principles, stuck in the vortex system due to short-term profits and outright greed that led to a steady decline or disappearance in the long run their business. We are in the worst moral crisis since the Great Depression. In a way, this crisis has left abandoned customers, employees, cynical, angry investors and the public had lost confidence in business leaders.

I have chosen the themes ‘administrative evil’ and ‘tension (or balance) between our actions to promote the common good and maintaining our individual freedom’ for my paper as I have come to understand it as a result of my knowledge gained from the course readings, discussions with my fellow students and my experiences in the workplace and public life.
The crises which business as well as society is facing nowadays are leadership crises and ethics. The problems of leadership and responsibility of corporate society are discussed in this paper.
The general quality of administrative evil is common people in their usual professional and organizational position can connect in acts of evil with no awareness that they do something wrong and incorrect. Administrative evil is unfortunately a chronic feature of public strategy and administration of the modern age. Administrative evil is not likely to vanish from the world order which depends much on organizations and businesses which thoroughly allow its reproduction.

Administrative evil pretenses a basic challenge to the foundations of ethics of people life. Our unwillingness to know the significance of administrative evil as element of individuality and practice of policy and administration strengthens its ongoing power and enlarge the opportunity of future performance of dehumanization, still in name of public welfare. Administrative evil highly proposes that statements and values for ethical behavior in contemporary, rational and technical systems are eventually unable of avoiding and extenuating evil in its slight or additional clear structures. The issues of community service ethics start with development of professionalism in the society of technological rationality. Because of this actuality that administrative evil has, not a single public servant must be capable of resting with idea that ethical behavior is explained by doing job properly. Rules of legitimacy, competence, and efficiency though “professional” they can be, no need to promote or defend the welfare of humans, particularly that of most susceptible and surplus members of society, whose figures are increasing in the 21st century.
Social systems require a number of “needs” as well. For example, social need for cooperatively public sense of order is accepted and appreciated by all society. This ordered world is unsurprising world and spirit of society is inevitability of its public actions. There is a need for harmony among social actors. Moreover, if we distinguish systems of society to be similar to organisms trying hard for survival in possibly aggressive situations, there are such needs of individual like protection, harmonized action to cooperative objectives, and the capability to become accustomed to difficult and challenging modern conditions. This gives us the problem of inspiration and in what way personal desires become distorted into typical social and efficient goals.
Leadership is a freedom and an accountability which wants a good quality contract from its practitioners, whatever it is formal or informal. Leaders are complete models. Ethical leadership needs from leader a logical structure of ethical framework that would direct her judgments and plans all the time, not just in definite conditions. The most significant characteristic that describes an ethical leader is honesty and truthfulness; the enthusiasm to create the conversation of ethical problems a standard part of the organization; the force to uphold and enlarge competence; capability to believe and critically consider criticism, whether positive or negative; the capacity to put sideways personal benefit and personality in interest of the reason or organization. If leader is ethical, he can make sure that ethical practice is approved throughout the organization.

A well-known example of absence of ethical leader is in Enron Company. It’s the best example to know failures of ethnicity. It’s a pipeline company which changed into an enormous organization. This company in 2001 distorted because of scandals and awful leadership. Basically they failed because of a set of principles which workers had to concur to, but decision-makers were representing a different paradigm of ethics. So, the company collapsed. In conclusion to this case, elegant CEOs should understand that a truthful, clear, and dependable society can boost worker self-esteem and eventually guard investor value.

This paper discussed about the significance of ethical leadership and in what way it may be promoted and supported. Ethical capability and coherence is a substitute for better and fine business or sensible political judgment. The thing which is important to mention here is that if she wants to be a better sense of business and also political decisions, if she wishes to be active in this sense, should be depended on ethical leadership. Rates are very much high for this reckless adventurism.
Thus the things which are concluded from what I have understood from my class lectures and different studies is that there is still a number of things to be learned about why and in what way ethical leadership should be enlarged and promoted and looked after within business organizations and in society at large.Opposing Views on the ethics of leadership there. The outlook on ethical leadership, the above shows a view of social learning involving role modeling and promotes the legal and ethical standards of conduct is evidence in the relevant decisions as leaders. Contrasting perspectives focus on the knowledge and actions of leaders, and argued that ethical leadership is demonstrated on several levels processes psychological behavior, rather than the influence of social learning.

The Chipped Mug

Meet William J. Howell and family of Red Bud, IL who has a vision so big and beautiful that it warms the heart. Will wears many hats these days as a husband, father, entrepreneur and prayer partner at Joyce Meyer Ministries in Fenton, Missouri.

First, the initial step to opening the “The Chipped Mug” (TCM) in Red Bud, Illinois is the website where everyone can visit and make purchases to help fund the future site of “TCM”. The Chipped Mug was first conceived in the mind and heart of William J. Howell when he was still single and a college student and saw a coffee shop called the “Ugly Mug”. He noticed how people loved to hang out at “The Ugly Mug” which consequently became the local gathering place, a kind of piazza where people can mingle and socialize.

Next, Will relocated to St. Louis, MO to get a job and a month later, he visited the popular website called E where he found his wife, Sara. Meeting Sara was one of the best things that happened to Will because Sara is extremely supportive and upbeat; let’s just say meeting Sara was a “good thing” for him. The two married in less than a year of their courtship and remain committed to each other and to the vision of TCM. Now, they have 3 beautiful girls whose names are: Maleah, 4 years old; Joanna, 3 years old & Olivia who is their 1 year old. Periodically over the years, Will’s aspirations to open TCM coffee house repeatedly resurfaced in his heart and mind.

Actually, Will isn’t one who likes change nor easily yields to the propensity to change; change is not a normal part of his character, however, his dream to open the coffee house in Red Bud, IL continues to be at the forefront of his heart. He is pursuing the dream strategically and wholeheartedly which will bring about a great change for his family as well as their community.

At this present time, Will travels about 100 miles per day from his home in Red Bud, IL to Joyce Meyer Ministries in Fenton, MO where he is employed as a Call Center Representative and Prayer Partner. It’s very important and innate for Will to help make a difference in the lives of people; by working at the Ministry, the difference he makes touches and changes lives worldwide every day.

Moreover, Will and Sara believe in living a debt-free lifestyle and currently, every business transaction on behalf of TCM is done through their online web store (TheChippedMug.Net) with no overhead dollars to pay; in a few years, their home will be paid off too.

The concept behind opening TCM has already been branded and includes their quote, “Changing the world 1 cup of coffee at a time.” The atmosphere at TCM will be one of excitement and the endeavor for the ambiance of the business will be a loving and family oriented social gathering place, the same ambiance Will remembers about The Ugly Mug. Furthermore, this will be a great tourist attraction for the City of Red Bud, IL to help generate more revenue and to gain national notoriety for the town, which means more jobs, which is a good thing, especially in our present economy. TCM plans to incorporate live entertainment, serve tasty desserts and breads from the in-house bakery while at the same time, starting and maintaining a family business that can be handed down to their children and their grandchildren.

From an early age, entrepreneurism was always in Will’s heart like his grandpa who also owned his own business. The name “The Chipped Mug” comes from a passage of Scripture in Jeremiah 18:4-6 where it talks about “I have declared thee as the potter, he made our imperfections as perfect.” This means even with our imperfections, we can still be very useful.

Are Will and Sara trying to get rich from “The Chipped Mug”? In fact, their philosophy and concept is that any excess proceeds generated by TCM are given away to help others. TCM is a “for-profit” family business but operates as a not-for-profit company undertaking many philanthropic projects. Their plans are to purchase an in-town building in Red Bud, IL where their family lives close and owns the coffee house and bakery. Sara and her mom will run the day-to-day tasks of the bakery which will be located inside TCM coffee house. The location the couple has chosen will be in close proximity to their home, the local college, hospital, park and area bank.

Red Bud, IL City Hall c/o City Data

Currently Will and Sara willingly support other organizations that are like minded and maintain a core value to reach out to help others. Some of these organizations the family supports include organizations like “Chocolate and the Red Shoe” which empowers women to dream big and teaches them practical ways to accomplish their goals; “Restoration A.S.A.P.” provides relief to those in need of health care through a “Doc On The Block” program offered to those who cannot afford health care & a “Humanitarian Outreach” called which helps the people in Haiti & Guatemala build homes and fund other local needs. Also, Will looks forward to the days when he can also support other organizations like the YMCA who regularly goes out into the community to help others.

Mark Batterson, who has become one of the most important people to Will and Sara is a well-known Pastor and author who owns a coffeehouse based in Washington, DC which coins itself as the modern “well” which was a common meeting place in Jewish history. In addition, The National Community Church pastored by Mark Batterson is one of the fastest growing, influential churches in the DC area. Pastor Mark Batterson is also the author of book titles like “The Circle Maker” and “In the Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day”. Since 2009, Pastor Mark Batterson has offered support and information about owning a coffee shop to Will and Sara and always welcomes their inquiries. As you can see, Will & Sara surrounds themselves with a company of shakers and movers who are touching lives locally, nationally and internationally.

In addition, William J. Howell is the Author of his own book entitled “Visual Impairment” and it speaks to those who need help finding their purpose and encourages them to never giving up on their dreams. “Visual Impairment” can be purchased on for $12 and most likely, the book may soon become available to Kindle readers. Still, this isn’t the only title that will hit the shelves; there are more titles by Will in the making yet to be published.

Will’s greatest inspiration of course is his beautiful wife, Sara. “She gives me the encouragement to accomplish whatever needs to be done”; “Sara believes in me completely and she is beside me 100%.” On the other hand, Sara says, “I can’t wait until the day when work for Will is right around the corner from our home rather than 100 miles away.” Sara is definitely a constant motivation to Will and to the dream they have to begin their lives together working side-by-side in their very own family business. Meanwhile, they continue to pour love and support into each other as the dream comes closer to becoming a reality.

ADVICE from Will and Sara: “NEVER GIVE UP YOUR DREAM!” “Listen to those who embrace your dream who will pray for you and support the dream with encouragement as well as offer donations to see the cause come to pass. Sometimes you may have to face opposition or experience trying times with finances to fund the dream but God’s grace is amazing, so never give up.”

In closing, to donate to “The Chipped Mug” coffee house, please visit TheChippedMug.Net where they offer over 100 unique variations of coffee mugs to be purchased individually or to be included in the gift basket of your choice to help generate revenue. Coffee mugs can be purchased for as little as $5 each plus the costs for shipping and handling. Moreover, gift baskets may be purchased in every season for every reason starting at $15 and includes an easy, do-it-yourself kit with the recipe for a basic brownie or cookie mix that may require a stick of butter or vanilla extract, (something we already have in our kitchens) depending on the recipe in the kit chosen. Next, bake the delicious dessert mix from the kit in the oven then pull out a fresh, delicious dessert your family and friends will enjoy! All the jars, coffee mugs & baskets are reusable and all the proceeds generated from the website will help to build “The Chipped Mug” coffee house.

Accounting: Understanding Your Assets

Current assets are the key assets that your business uses up during a 12-month period and will likely not be there the next year. The accounts that reflect current & long-term assets are: Cash in Checking: Any company’s primary account is the checking account used for operating activities. This is the account used to deposit revenues and pay expenses. Some companies have more than one operating account in this category; for example, a company with many divisions may have an operating account for each division. Cash in Savings: This account is used for surplus cash. Any cash for which there is no immediate plan is deposited in an interest-earning savings account so that it can at least earn interest while the company decides what to do with it.

Cash on Hand: This account is used to track any cash kept at retail stores or in the office. In retail stores, cash must be kept in registers in order to provide change to customers. In the office, petty cash is often kept around for immediate cash needs that pop up from time to time. This account helps you keep track of the cash held outside a financial institution.

Accounts Receivable: If you offer your products or services to customers on store credit (meaning your store credit system), then you need this account to track the customers who buy on your dime. Accounts Receivable isn’t used to track purchases made on other types of credit cards because your business gets paid directly by banks, not customers, when other credit cards are used. Inventory: This account tracks the products you have on hand to sell to your customers. The value of the assets in this account varies depending upon the way you decide to track the flow of inventory into and out of the business.

Vehicles: This account tracks any cars, trucks, or other vehicles owned by the business. The initial value of any vehicle is listed in this account based on the total cost paid to put the vehicle in service. Sometimes this value is more than the purchase price if additions were needed to make the vehicle usable for the particular type of business. For example, if a business provides transportation for the handicapped and must add additional equipment to a vehicle in order to serve the needs of its customers, that additional equipment is added to the value of the vehicle. Vehicles also depreciate through their useful lifespan. Accumulated Depreciation Vehicles: This account tracks the depreciation of all vehicles owned by the company.

Furniture and Fixtures: This account tracks any furniture or fixtures purchased for use in the business. The account includes the value of all chairs, desks, store fixtures, and shelving needed to operate the business. The value of the furniture and fixtures in this account is based on the cost of purchasing these items. These items are depreciated during their useful lifespan. Accumulated Depreciation Furniture and Fixtures: This account tracks the accumulated depreciation of all furniture and fixtures. Equipment: This account tracks equipment that was purchased for use for more than one year, such as computers, copiers, tools, and cash registers. The value of the equipment is based on the cost to purchase these items. Equipment is also depreciated to show that over time it gets used up and must be replaced.

Accumulated Depreciation Equipment: This account tracks the accumulated depreciation of all the equipment.